Lady Bird Movie Review

Lady Bird Movie Review

Lady Bird Movie Review. Lady Bird is pretty much a major awards contender this year. Greta Gerwig feature solo debut, stars Saoirse Ronan as Christine who now goes by the name Lady Bird.

Christine is finishing up high school at a Catholic School in Sacramento and she is really eager to get to get out of the town and into college all the way on the East Coast, far away from home.

Lady Bird Movie Review

The movie is not based on Gerwig's life but she has said that the movie does contain certain ideas that have truth to her. And you can really feel it while watching the movie. It works especially with the way that Lady Bird looks at Sacramento.

We do very much understand and connect to the thought that something special is out there. Gerwig captures the idea and feeling so beautifully in a way that both well represents Lady Bird current disdain for her hometown but als while conveying what makes it a special place.

And of course, there is Saoirse Ronan's performance and she is just something else from her previous movies like Hannah, Brooklyn and to this! Her range is incredible. Lady Bird truly felt like a person we knew because how well rounded the character is.
Lady Bird Movie Review

Her relationships with Lucas Hedges's character, Danny, someone she falls in love while doing a play. Gerwig penned Lady Bird's relationship with her mother and she nailed the mother-daughter dynamic.

Lady Bird is truly a special movie. It has a great mix of comedy, heart, and nostalgia.

Lady Bird movie rating: 10/10

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