Happy Death Day - Movie Review

Happy Death Day - Movie Review. Happy Death Day is probably the best and worst movie title because it perfectly describe the movie and it sounds dumb. being a horror comedy, it fits better than we expected.

The movie is essentially  the horror version of Groundhog Day. Happy Death Day shares more in common with Edge Of Tomorrow, The Deaths of Ian Stone, and Before I Fall that got released also this year.

Happy Death Day - Movie Review

Happy Death Day is a out a girl who wakes up in a dorm, hangover. It is her birthday and that night someone murders her. She wakes up back in a dorm and proceeds to repeat the day over and over again trying to figure out who killed her and why.

We was not expecting much because the trailer seemed more serious plus, it was rated R and trimmed down to PG-13. Despite that, we were pleasantly surprised that it sticks its tongue firmly in cheek.

Tree, the girl's name (how ridiculous) is murdered every night and when she tries to outwit the killer, that only leads her to dying another way. But it was interesting to see how Tree did differently each day anf how it effected the turn out.

What we liked was how enjoyable it was. The pacing was brisk and when we saw some scenes over and over again, they did their best not to make us boring.

And the big surprise was the lead actress, Jessica Rothe. At the beginnig of the film we were introduced to Tree and she was a drunken self-centered mess. We kept thinking, "we are gonna rooth for this girl? Really?" However, the days unfold we came into a realization that she is not that type of girl.

The violence is where the PG-13 hurt. There were a few surprises but some things like bloodless gunshots stood out.

Happy Death Day is not gonna win any prizes for originality but it wins in fun factor. Jessica Rothe is absolutely charming and her performance elevated the film. It was energetic and silly.

We wish it was released R-rated or Unrated cut on Bluray.

Happy Death Day 

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