Sony LSPX-102E26 LED Bulb Speaker Review

Sony LSPX-102E26 LED Bulb Speaker. Sony's life space UX is a veru niche part of Sony's product lineup. Most of Snoy's products do look good already but the pricing is beyond practical.

For those who wants something unique and can appreciate form and function, the price tag may not be an issue.

With that being said, we would like to introduce you to Sony LSPX-102E26, also known as LED Bulb Speaker.

Sony LSPX-102E26 LED Bulb Speaker Review

The LED Bulb Speaker is quite subtle. the fit into you standard size light socket and dont need additional power and the bulbs themselves do look very modern.

There is a little speaker at the end of the bulb and going with the little touches to supplement the design and you can see Sony logo right right on the driver.

Wireless controller

You also get a wireless controller that sits on your table or desk. It's all plastic which is unfortunates having some sort of meal casing would have been icing on a cake. What a bummer right?

The controller is able to increase or decrease the volume as it should be while the button up top allows you to pair, pause, and play the music. The button on the bottom allows you to switch between audio modes either stereo or mono if you have two of these bulbs on at the same time.

There is rotating wheel that allows you to dim your soft white LED. The only issue we found with this we appreciate the dimming of the white LED which cast a nice warm color but having the option to change its Kelvin temperature to something lighter or cooler would be so much better.

The metal button allows you to toggle into color mode using the same scroll wheel. But the colors are very ambient though and not as bright to create or cast a nice glow of color on a nearby furniture or wall.

SongPal App

With the SongPal app provided by Sony available for both Apple and Android, it has the same function as the controller but it also has preset patterns which can pulsate to the beats, volume, or change the light to different colors.

Audio performance

The Sony speaker does use bluetooth to play music wirelessly and we have tested it that this speaker is able to get up to 56 feets before the bulb starts to cut out. The Sony speaker gave us a very suble performance overall. The audio output is clean and clear.

Clearly this product is not for everyone and the average consumer, there is plenty other bulbs in Amazon thet are significantly cheaper but for those who have the money to spend, this product is definitely worth buying. 

Sony LSPX-102E26 LED Bulb Speaker price: $239.99

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