IT 2017 - Movie Review

IT 2017 - Movie Review

IT 2017 - Movie Review. We don't Think the word remake genuinely describes what they have done here. They have taken the essence, the core of the book and the original movie adaptation and they have reinvented it. Let's just say we have a fantastic time watching this movie.

Young actors can run high risks however IT is extremely well cast film. Not once that we look at the actors on screen and think  that these are just people acting. In that vein, the actors did a fantastic job. We were pulled in, engaged to the whole ride. Even the emotional parts had us somewhat believing that it actually happened to real people.

Of course, how did Bill Skarsgard do as Pennywise? Is him Tim Curry light? Trying to imitate Tim Curry? NO. Not at all. Skarsgard owns this role, you can see some influence from Tim Curry but that could be down to the script.

IT 2017 - Movie Review

Skarsgard is absolutely the haunting clown. He did an amazing performance, chilling, and disturbing. The voice was superb and the level of expression this guy can pull off is truly a talent.
Pros and cons

The effects are all genuinely fantastic. The were trying to capture certain stylistic choice. Namely when Pennywise was running at one of the characters and we see him dead center shot, the background faded and we thought they were trying to pull off classic vibe to it. Some effect were inspired by previous film.

Is IT 2017 scary?

Is it breaking the horror genre and renventing it like many people have said? It is scaring. In parts IT definitely has some scares here and there. The movie however fall into the trap of some pretty obvious setup for jump scares which sometimes do not land perfectly.

We highly recommend watching this movie on IMAX screen if you can. The visual elements would be served bes on such large screen. Sure you can wait for home viewing but for the best experience for this movie would be on the big screen.

IT 2017

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  1. ramai kata cite ni seram.. huu~ nak tengok tapi tak de sape nak teman.. takut plak terbawa2.. adoi.. baca sinopsis pun macam best jek..


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