Best Android Apps September 2017

Best Android Apps September 2017. We've reached September and our team have compiled few of our favorites Android apps to hit the Play Store during this month.


This app will create beautiful widgets with timers that countdown the days, minutes, and seconds your upcoming events. Set anything you want, a party, concert, holiday, or anniversary. You can use this app to alert you of its arrival in a beautiful manner. Customize the size of the widget with variations to suit your home screen.


Designed to help you create stylish icon that match your home screen, You can create icons with one equal shape and style across all of your apps. Use icon apps to bring special graphics. You will see bunch of different shapes you can choose from. Set the position, size, rotation, shape, and color. This app will definitely requires your time to sit down and customize the icons.


Fun fantasy game of sorts with an emphasis on flying. You can design your own flying machine, explore foreign countries, collect new parts for you machine, experience diffence adds-on like wings. You can play this game with your friends as well.

4. DeAMPify

Google Amp is a project that allows web pages to load faster on a mobile device. It is a great new feature to Android but sometimes it can break pages like comments and sections. DeAMPify will d exactly what the name implies and it will de-amp your links and makes sure the original links load on your device.

All you have to do is set De Amplify as your default handler when you click on an amp link.


One of the latest and greatest wallpaper apps to hit the Play Store. The app is designed with Google material design language and features several different exclusive wallpapers to choose from. If you always go big on your wallpapers, this app is a must!

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Very unusual app but dont dismiss it so soon. Basically, the app will require you to a distance that you want to travel to and it will spit out a secret destination that you have to find. As you start walking around in real life, the app will tell you if you are getting closer or moving further away.

It is a little bit of a funky and neat because it helps you to get to new environment.

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