Wind River - Movie Review

Wind River - Movie Review. We were really lookng forward to review this movie, because we are a fan of Taylor Sheridan's work and his previous movie, Hell Or High Water was such a success and gave Oscar nom for Best Picture.

So Wind River is a very impressive and powerful feature that shows you Sheridan definitely has such talent.

To give you a little info about this movie, Wind River stars Jeremy Renner as a wild life service hunter who comes across a dead human body in Wind River Indian Reservation and he winds up in the investigation which is being led by an FBI agent, played by Elizabeth Olsen.

Wind River - Movie Review

For the most part, Wind River is a crime-mystery. That mystery is haunting and highly engaging almost instantly making you wanna know what happened as any good mystery should be. The Wind River's story does have some issues when it comes to pacing because it takes it time getting the real answer. That's why the pacing suffers a little especially at the beginning.

There is something to be said for a very methodical built but some of Wind River could benefited from just having a little bit more urgency to it.

Pretty exciting to get a crime investigation movie that doesn't feel like it could take place anytime or anywhere else. When Renner's character out haunting in the wilderness, essentially in the middle of nowhere and almost entirely in a white frame, the chill and isolation are real.

Renner and Olsen are exceptional! You never doubt their abilities in this movie. Olsen's character was probably a great agent before but the first thing you learn when she arrives in Wind River, she s completely unprepared by bringing wrong clothes. We meant, not thick enough for the weather.

Without spoiling anything, one of our favorite things about this movie is how it really really earns its ending.

Wind River 

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