Best iOS Apps August 2017

Best iOS Apps August 2017. We have reached August and here at Nikkylicious, we have compiled some of best iOS apps that might be useful for you. There are no particular order so check those apps down below.

Best iOS Apps August 2017

1. Seeing AI

Artificial Intelligence is pretty big app right now. Microsoft has designed the app to actually help the low vision community. Using your iPhone camera, it tells you what objects and texts are. The coolest and most practical use would be for text as the app can read it out loud. 

2. StoryFire

It is a group storing platform where you can read, write and  trade stories for free. There is nice visual layout that is easy on the eyes and pretty stories to read. Give it a shot if you are a writer or even a reader.

3. Lapse

This is a puzzle game. You have to match orbs of the same color to merge the into the next color. You can merge multiple in one shot to increase the score. Furthermore, you can launch an orb against the edge to swap with the next orb. Simple enough but wait until you get to the highest level.

4. Off The Record

This is a serious app but we thought it could seriously be useful if you drive a car. If you get speeding ticket in America, this app will pair you up with a lawyer to fight your ticket in less than a minute. It could take longer that a minute.

5. Today Weather

Sounds like an extremely generic weather app but it is really not. It features a beautiful and simple tu use layout. But best of all this app provides more details than most other weather app. You can read the air quality index, chances of raining, radar, wind 7 and 24 hours forecast.

Best iOS Apps August 2017

6. Calculator: The Game

Such an unique idea. Some has developed a game around a digital calculator. This game will require you to manipulate numbers by adding, subtract, converting them through portals. There is a LCD display for extra long equations.

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