Kendall Jenner is Gay?

Kendall Jenner is Gay? Is she really gay? Well according to Tyler, The Creator she is. After rumors circulated the rapper and Kendall were dating after they were spotted having dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory on August 14th, Kendall decided to poke by tweeting "I guess we are dating Tyler".

Even though he tweet alone made it crystal clear that they are just friends, he's response was even better. Tyler tweeted:

Not possible we're both gay.

Tyler and Kendall have been friends for quite awhile. In fact, during Kendall's Vogue interview she had to answers 73 rapid questions, he is actually one of her answers.

Now is Kendall Jenner really gay? Well considering it was just last week that the supermodel and ASAP Rocky are in a full relationship, we don't think so.

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