Zootopia - Movie Review

Zootopia - Movie Review. Zootopia tells a story about a young bunny named Judy Hopps who really dreams of being a police officer. This is not something thats coming. If she were to become a police officer, she would be the first rabbit to ever do it, and she does.

Once she gets on a case, involves some missing mammals in Zootopia, a place for predators and and prey all get along. She teams up with a sly fox named Nick Wilde to help solve the case. Well, the trailers for Zootopia looked like a fun cute movie for kids that only has animals.

This movie is fantastic, deeper and much more deeper than I expected it to be. Zootopia is actually extremely layered movie with far more to say than we ever anticipated. Watching Zootopia felt like it made for adults even its contained with cute animals. It has a lot to say about gender stereotypes, friendships..... and drugs.

The only issues that we have with this movie are opening exposition dump in the beginning. We thought they did it because it might be easier for kids to understand.

The action sequences were also amazing, great score and animations. Zootopia is awesome!

We rate Zootopia 8.5/10
Zootopia - Movie Review Zootopia - Movie Review Reviewed by on March 02, 2016 Rating: 5

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