Selena Gomez Kissed By Fan in London

Selena Gomez Gets Kissed By Aggressive Fan in London. Selena Gomez arrived at a London train station and received a very warm welcome from one Selenator! One of her fans just could not keep his hands to him self when he saw her in real life. Safe to say that he took things a little too far.

The 23-year-old singer was given a bouquet of red roses and she kindly stopped to take selfies with fans. However, one super fan got a little too close for comfort with his photo. Without any warning, a die hard fan, grabbed aggressively kissed Selena nearly missing her lips.

He male admirer was attempting to snap selfie of the moment but Selena turned her head and received a smooch on her cheek. Nice!

Thankfully it appears Selena handled fans like a pro as she continue to stir up the conversation and tightly gripped his hand. Before security got involved, she ended thing with a hug.

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