Ed Sheeran Tattoos His Chest with a Lion!

Ed Sheeran Tattoos His Chest with a Lion | British popstar took the Instagram today and posted a shocking photo of himself getting a gigantic lion tattoo smack in the middle of his chest. he captioned it: "Halfway and ouch".

 Thanks to an interview Ed had with BBc, we learned that he decided to have a craziest tattoo as a way to remember his sold out show in The Wembley Stadium in London. Ed said he originally to get the floor plan tattooed on his side but that seem a bit ridiculous.

However Ed did explain that a lion is the England's football team's logo. So he thought it is a perfect way to his love for the country. Seems a little extreme but his tat turned to be awesome.

And if you are having trouble locating where his hear may be, it is right under his lion.

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  2. hi :D tak tau la kenapa awak tak dpt pm tu.. kat entri hatyai tu awak ckp awak pg under agensi kan? blh share agensi tu tak... kene apprv friend request kt fb tu dulu kot baru ley pm.. :)

    1. saya dah email ye.. nanti kalau ada apa2 soalan email je kat




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