Lost River - Movie Review

Lost River movie review. Lost River is the directorial review of Ryan Gosling and also written by him. Stars Christina Hendricks, as well as Ben Mendelsohn.

If I were to describe this movie, I would say it is a fantasy. Even though looking at this movie would not think it as a fantasy, but Lost River is also like a fairy tale. Probably the weirdest movie I've seen in 2015.

But I like this movie as I like Under The Skin, Enemy, and Only God Forgives


The movie takes place in sort of fictionalize version of Detroit. The neighborhood is decaying, houses being burnt to the ground. And there is this crazy guy played by Matt Smith or Doctor Who for some of you who being fans out there. 

Christina Hendricks plays a mother tries to raise her children without any money and her home is being threatened to be knocked down. Then Ben Mendelsohn comes and offers her job at this strange night club that seems to use violence as 'fetish'. (this is a weird movie, I told you).

While her son is investigating this mystery of a dinosaur theme park that was flooded and turned into a a river.


I was really looking forward to see this movie because I am a fan of Ryan Gosling as an actor. I like a lot of the projects that he involved. But I am also a fan of art. 

There are live moments through out Lost River that I was truly affected by the visual sense. Also a lots of elements in this film that you can tell Gosling influenced by people he worked with before.

There are a lot of aspects in this movie don't feel like one film maker. It does feel like gosling is drawing from all of the people he's been working with.

He has a lot of great ideas, but he throws them all into this movie. In the end it did not work very well. 

Lost River is not suck, you will enjoy it but nothing is special other that it is the first film by Ryan Gosling.

I give this movie, C.

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Lost River - Movie Review Lost River - Movie Review Reviewed by on April 11, 2015 Rating: 5

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