HTC One M9: Major Disappointments

This time we will talk about the brand new HTC One M9 major disappointments.

Number one  must be the major disappointment of them all. Sadly being 20 megapixels from Sony was not enough for HTC weird software. The camera while a major improvement from the HTC One M8 is still rather not good. First of all, the shots you take outside in perfect sunlight will look decent. Details there when you are looking from afar, but when you zoom in you will see a lot of imperfections in the photo.

4k video is not as good as any OEM right now. Please HTC, do us a favor and fix the freaking camera.

Battery life

The HTC One M9 has 18840 mAh battery inside, which sounds like plenty good amount. But we must say it maybe good for some of you guys but we definitely have gotten more on other devices. 

New position of lock switch

We wanted to bring up that the lock button was actually a little too low for our comfort. Most of the time, we will end up hitting the bottom volume rocker instead. We are only throwing suggestion to move the lock switch on top. But we still use the double taps to wake feature anyway.

Lack of new design

Mainly, the new phone is a bit thicker than the previous generation. The HTC One M9 was not the thin phone and almost everyone in the Android OEM is going thinner. 

Easily gets warm

You probably have heard the rumor M9 getting warm while being tested. You probably know about the S6 and S6 Edge are not using the Snapdragon chips. We are afraid that during our days of using this phones, it does get warm pretty easily. More warm than a typical smartphone to be exact. The thing is, this is an aluminum device and aluminum is a good radiator of heat.

We are not going to tear away from your purchase, we love this phone but it definitely has problems here and there. 

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