Nexus 6 - Software Improvements

We are going to discuss about Nexus 6 software improvements and how much that changed our experience with the brand new Google Nexus 6. If it affected any of the hardware?

First things first, there is no big difference with Android 5.0.1, it is more of a software fixing all the bugs that were initially on Google Nexus 6 with Android Lollypop. In terms of smoothness, no more crashes, no more apps not working the way they should be. All the Google apps are working perfectly fine right now. 

One of the other minor things we seem to notice, after using 5.0.1 is the improve speed in terms of animations. We looked back at our previous review, seems like the animations was kinda fast a little bit just to make it more pleasing experience.


As we recall, we really did not like the previous Nexus because of the battery life. Now on 5.0.1, we not see any giant difference. It is not very good. They just need to improve it somehow. The battery it self is really big, we just dont see why the battery life really sucks.


We cannot really complain about the experience, it is just good. Other than the battery life, it is just a great smartphone

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Nexus 6 - Software Improvements Nexus 6 - Software Improvements Reviewed by on February 15, 2015 Rating: 5

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