Ant-Man - Trailer Review

Another Marvel movie to talk about, and now we are discussing about the new released Ant Man trailer. This is the project that has been in so many different hands. This movie has gone through a lot of people mainly the biggest one, Edger Wright. Ant Man was originally been directed by him and was already written. But all of the sudden he is not part of the movie.

Nevertheless, Ant Man is now being directed by Peyton Reed, the director of Bring It on, Down With Love, The Breakup, and Yes Man. Which do not provide us with a lot of optimism. 

But the teaser does because Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd look great in the movie and we really think the tone of this trailer is just right.  

If we had not seen Guardians Of The Galaxy last year, we would definitely be giving everything I just said a lot of merit. But I did see Guardians Of The Galaxy, where a tree that says one phrase and a talking racoon were freaking amazing. 

Marvel at this stage is like they can make anything unrealistic into something that can blow your mind. And for that reason we are very exited for Ant Man. We are less optimistic about the chosen director and the fact that it has been through so many different hands which can make the creative vision a little bit muffled. 

But as you can see from the trailer, it has comedy and action adventure vibe which we really think it could work based on previous Marvel's movies. We have t be honest, part of us isn't jumping for joy about Ant Man movie.

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Ant-Man - Trailer Review Ant-Man - Trailer Review Reviewed by on January 07, 2015 Rating: 5

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