A smartwatch to be first and for most a watch, it should tell the time, it should feel good on my wrist and everything else is secondary. I've been waiting for that smartwatch to understood all of that, and now I have it on my wrist. The Moto 360. 

Moto 360 feels different from any other smartwatch from the moment you put it on. It feels better and smaller than it looks. I don't have big wrist by any means and I don't prefer large watches. But Moto 360 feels comfortable right over.

Of course it isn't just a watch. It's all about the 1.5 inch screen, the round glasses display that only by a tiny bazzle. It has incredible viewing angles, easy to see even outdoors. There's tiny black cut out at the bottom where all the devices in it go.

Honestly it is just not high resolutions enough to really look crisp and perfect. The screen is good enough. 

It comes with two colors, silver and black with the different of strap color as well. I can't say it enough, this is what a smartwatch should look like. Compared to the black rectangles in every other smartwatch on the market, Moto 360 is in aclass completely on it's own. But all it can do on differentiate, Motorola can't escape the fact that the Android Wear on Moto 360 is the same as the Androind Wear on the Samsung Gear Live, the LG G Watch. 

That means the Moto 360 could receive all the notifications on you phone. You'll get notify by emails, calls, and text. 

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Moto 360 - HONEST REVIEW Moto 360 - HONEST REVIEW Reviewed by on September 06, 2014 Rating: 5

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