Coldplay - Ghost Stories ALBUM REVIEW

It's time for another review guys and now I'll be doing Coldplay - Ghost Stories album review. Ghost Stories is the sixth studio album by UK band Coldplay. This new album is being a more experimental pop record and they wanted to return to the style of music they had become synonymous with earlier in their career.

We heard they took a little longer to write and record this album and was released just a few months after Chris Martin split up with Gwyneth Paltrow. We are trying not to bring up the personal life after knowing the e lyrics.

Always in My Head

There's a song, 'Always in My Head' starts of with beautiful choirs singing. Eventually the melody and feel of the song just washed in huge electronic production. We think it's one of the strongest song in the album and opens up the record in a way kind a let you down a little bit as the album progresses by each song. 

The first single of the album is 'Magic' and this song is pretty minimalist with a drum beats and piano sprinkled in for a little flavor. This song feels like the opening track 'Always in My Head' and we have a hard time mixing distinction between the tracks. There are slightly different but we actually had to go back and listen to 'Always in My Head' just to hear the differences. 


The song 'Midnight' is the second single released from the album. It's a minimalist song and normally we would say that it was reserve because it's making the vocal stronger. Chris Martin is a great singer and we don't think he needs any help with studio trick.

Another's Arm

Another's Arm is another strong song on this album, and to be honest we probably would have gone with this song as the lead single. It sounds like a adult contemporary from the late 90s. When you put it into the context of how Coldplay has been around, it's kind of make sense. Another's Arm
particularly really captures that spirit. One thing we really do like about this song as well is the backup singer.

A Sky Full Of Stars

This song probably the biggest hit right now and if you didn't know, Avicii helped to produce this song. When you first listen to it, you will automatically catch the melody and the beats. 


The album ends with the song, 'O' the slow piano ballad sort of song which repeating riff and drown on. For us this is the hardest song to get into but we really appreciate Chris Martin's vocal and piano skills.  but this song didn't really excite us as much as we would have wanted to. After the song 'O', you will get three minutes silence all of a sudden and the the chorus start up and this works like a complete loop.

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