I guess we have to approve Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal if they are dating. The two hot A-listers was spotted on a dinner date and here's the picture: 

A blurry Instagram photo shows the two enjoying the date. Now, they both are superpopular, sexy and most importantly super single. Could these two be together? 

Well, as much as we want to see Rachel back together with Ryan Gosling, we gotta admit Jake would be the next best thing. Looks like nothing romantic going on yet. The 33 year-old actor and 35 year-old actress who are currently shooting their new movie in Pittsburgh are look like nothing more than just friends. 

As for their new movie, Jake's play a boxer who fights his way to the top of the sport. But we got a point now, the last two time Rachel stared a long side with a leading man, she started dating him. 



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