Jennifer Lopez Apologies For Jennifer Lawrence

Remember when Jennifer Lawrence got dissed by Jennifer Lopez as JLaw told us on Jimmy Fallon Show? Well, it all went down during a party when JLaw and Jimmy made up some scheme to get the pop star started dance with them.

Eventhough Lawrence's joke about that she was like '10 JLo shots in' at the time, she clearly remembers not only get ditched by Jimmy but getting rejected by JLo. 

Good news for Lawrence, because the Jennifer was totally game to dance with her. At Sunday's Billboard Music Awards, JLo told Access Hollywood the real reason she didn't accept Lawrence's offer was because they were distracted by other people and their spot was too crowded and like 'let's dance at other spot'.

See? Nothing but Jennifer and Jennifer love. Their fans get it and no hard feeling from both of these two celebs. 



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