Jennifer Lawrence Puked In Front of Miley Cyrus

You know it's bad when Miley Cyrus tells you to get your drunk act together! That's what happened to Jennifer Lawrence! 

During the taping of NBC Late Night With Seth Meyers for an episode that won't air until May 21st, Jennifer Lawrence tells that she was puking in front of Miley Cyrus. She recalled having a little too much fun at the Oscars when she attended with her best friend, Laura Simpson. 

Jennifer was nominated for Best Supporting Actress of Academy Awards for her role in American Hustle, so obviously she was living it up. But Jen had way too much to drink. She told Seth that she wasted at March 2nd ceremony in LA. 

Jen said she was so out of it, she got sick at the post show party and that where Miley Cyrus saw everything. Audience members that witnessed the taping with Jen tells US Weekly, " Jen said she was so drunk, she puked on the stair at the after party. Miley walked by and and said something like - get it together girl!" 

We dont have Jennifer puked infornt of Miley Cyrus photo, but she said it on a talk show. So its true! 

Jennifer also talked about her hanging out with Brad Pitt at the Oscars, so be sure to tune in to Seth Meyers's show.

Wait, Jennifer Lawrence puked on stairs? What's up with her with the stairs really? 

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