Meditation is a practice that grows over time like plants. With water and sunlight and a little tending to, your plants grow. The petals start to open. It's the same theory with meditation. With time, effort and energy, it's like you're feeding your meditation practice and it grows. 

But some people or beginners always ask, how long and how often should you meditate? The answer is, as long as possible and as often as possible. But every huge success started with small effort. Let's start with five minutes. 

Everbody has five minutes out of 24 hours. If you could sit in front on your computer for hours, why not meditate? Meditate a couple of times a week to start. Set a specific amount of time and meditation becomes interesting and makes you want to do it more often.

So start with five minutes, then increase the number like ten minutes. A great benchmark for yourself is 20 minutes once a day.



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