Rihanna's Bodyguard Sues Her for Defamation

Rihanna gets sued by her own bodyguard!The star is being sued for allegedly making defamatory comment about her former bodyguard Geoffrey Keating, from Dublin. He claims that Rihanna made a false statement about him and an email sent to him and his wife last July. 

He also claims the Rihanna used the same defamatory allegations via a telephone call to her sister. Now while no one even knows whose the guy is, he says Rihanna's comment has tarnished his reputation and damaged the future of his business. 

He worked for Rihanna on her Diamond's Tour between October 2012 and July 2013, to me it is kind of old news. Well, for some reason he is not coming forward and he wants her to publish a corrections of the
alleged defamation. 

And it turns out the court system is behind him, according to TMZ, his lawyer was granted permission to serve singer with the legal papers at her home in New York. 

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