When Is a Baby Ready for Solid Food

I am going to tell you guys the top indicators that your baby is ready to start on solid food. 

1- The first and most obvious sign is that you child is actually shows interest in food. It is really important for parents to try sit down and eat with their children especially with babies before eating because this shows them what eating is all about. Like the mouth movements. So when your child is starting to turn their head and interested in what you're doing, that's a great indicator. 

2- There is also something called the 'tongue thrust reflex', which is a reflex will a current baby is about 4-5 months and it is a way that mother nature protected our children from injusting something they were not ready for. So when you put something in their mouth like spoon, their touge will automatically press it out. Once they are lost their automatic thrust of the tongue, then you know that they are ready for solid food. 

3- They can communicate that they are full. Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, they indicate to you they had enough by turning their chin or head away. 

4- Waking up at night after sleeping very well. This usually means that their body is processing formula quickly.

5- They can hold their head up on their on. So they are be able to sit on a high chair and this will prevent a chocking hazard. 

That's indicator that your baby is ready to start eating solid food! 

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