Nicholas Hoult finally talks about his girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence. He has kept quiet for so long, we are dying to hear what he has to say! 

About his top secret romance with J.Law, Nicholas says their romance is not so top secret. The actor explain that it is hard with her Hunger Games' work, but he says that is there he sees truly something special in Jennifer. 

She is still down to earth. "I think that is something she is capable of doing , and that is what makes her special. But yeah, it is odd and I'm just kinda by her in many ways. It is well deserved of her. I haven't really seen any changes in her." 

These two met in their screen test for X-Men:First Class and began dating in 2011. Then they broke up and Jennifer's award seasons war went last year. Then the X-Men sequel brought them back together.

Nicholas says of shooting with Jen, "It's fun because this business you are away from one another for a long period of time. So when you are on set together, it is a brilliant thing because you get to spend time together."



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