2014 Oscars Awkward Moments

The Oscars is the most classy and tasteful awards show of the season, or so they want you to think. Here are the nine most awkward moments.

1. When Ellen called Liza Minnellia a drag queen, and Liza didn't find it too funny and then they took selfie. 

2. Jim Carrey did a impression of Bruce Dern and Bruce could really hear him. 

3. When Kim Novak was being Kim Novak. Matthew McConaughey looked a little uncomfortable up there with that acting legend.

4. It was really awkward when Zac Efron looked impacable but flub his line.

5. When Liza assaulted Lupita Nyong'O after her Oscar win. She literally grabbed her arm and hold her close.

6. Then, when Bill Murray said 2013 Oscar when he meant 2014.

7. Whoopi Goldberg familiar dress. Believe it or not, Julia Roberts wore it just weeks ago.

8. The best when John Travolta called Idina Manzel, Adele Dazim.

9. When Jamie Fox and Jessica Biel captivate us with their awkward chemistry.

Which one was your favorite awkward moment of the night? Mine was the John Travolta's mistake. LOL!

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