Klipsch X11i Earbuds Review!

When you think of premium audio, Klipsch is one of those companies that you have to mention. From the home theater set up to the mobile audio Klipsch is just the company that makes great audio product for you ears.

Let's see if the tradition stand with the latest audio device, X11i Earbuds

The Klipsch Earbuds is one of the smallest and lightest earphone on the market currently. Klipsch also states that this is one of their finest achievement in headphones today. 


The box comes in great condition. Smart, when the button portion holds the accessories. This earbuds comes with the holding clip, airplane adapter, and also 5 types and sizes of buds, and the high quality Klipsch leather case.


The earbuds are aluminum and rubber. They are abiut 2 inches long and have a slight bend to the design. They rely on their rubber to ensure the perfect fit. The earbuds sit in your ear and does not any other type of support to hold them in. This earphones are light enough to comfortably walk around with and after a few minutes, you forget that they are in your ears.

The slim chord comes in three button, which are audio controllers and microphone. Also this earbuds work on Apple products, with Android, the volume does not work. 


If the earphone is no longer worked, they do provided two years warranty that will cover most issues.


The mic of the earbuds at first glance seems to be lower. But after taking a few phone calls in a quite room, it allows the caller to hear your voice with no issue. Like any other head set in the market, it does not do a perfect job at blocking out unnecessary sound. But still, to make/answer a call in a noisy room, it would not render any of the result.

Klipsch X11i Earbuds Performance

  • Frequency response between 5 Hz – 19 kHz 
  • sensitivity at 110 dB
  • impedance of 50 Ohms
  • noise isolation of -26 dB
  • 10 grams
To put this to the ear test, I played the variety of songs that have different ranges. The overall sound is balanced. Without setting the equalizer, sound seemed to be right and past the initial ear test.

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