Kanye West Inspired Kylie Jenner to Work Harder

Kylie Jenner has the coolest roommate ever, Kanye West.  While they live together in her mom's house, she says he inspires her. 

Kylie rates about her half sister's fiance in a new interview. Kylie is discussing on her own fashion design career when she brings up Kanye's. She tell's E! News "he's really inspiring just looking at him. He's been my roommates for couple of months now, he is so passionate about his stuff and always showing me his designs.

While Kanye's new snickers are worth for millions of dollars, Kylie and her sister Kendall starting off on a smaller scale. They are making their way to the world of accessories with their launch of handbags and shoes collections for girls.

Kylie says that the raper gives both of them inspiration to focus on their designs. "Heis such a creative guy. He s awesome and has a lot of talent". 

Kanye is living with their family while their mansion is being renovated.


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