No Motivation

Motivation is a tricky thing. It comes when I need it the least, and when I need it the most, it waves from the back door. If only motivation would stay for breakfast. I want to end my long-term affair with patience. I want to end my one night stands with burning.

 I want to be married off to a bright idea and never return. But here I am, waiting on the curb with all of my belongings, and all the bright ideas of this age are sticking out their tongues from the overhead airplane. My luggage is heavy. My luggage is full of absolutely nothing, and nothing is the heaviest idea I’ve ever met. 

I take the luggage into a taxi, and the taxi drops me off at a gas station. No one comes to get me. I stand in the aisle and stare out the window. Nothing comes to me. Nothing comes. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
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