Last night I dreamt that I stole Alicia Keys's teeth! She was so freaking mad!

And I don't know why my big brother came up in my dream and told me that Alicia is going to make a test to know who's the villain by doing 'shake-hand' test. I was really nervous, I hid the teeth behind my mom's old VCR recorder.

HAHAH! Only god knows how freaked out I was and how mad Alicia if she found it was me....... than I woke up. Phewww. That was the vivid dream Ive ever had.

I think I should stop listening to Girl On Fire.... 

sorry for my broken english! It's late night.
I STOLE ALICIA KEYS's TEETH! I STOLE ALICIA KEYS's TEETH! Reviewed by on March 02, 2013 Rating: 5

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