Cash for Kindness' at IKEA #Ellen

Ellen sent Amy to IKEA in a pregnancy belly to see who would help her with her shopping cart. The hidden cameras caught it all! See who won some serious cash here.

You know what, this is what we called KINDness. Mindy was willing to help Amy even though she was on rush. Compare to that guy, he was just leave Amy at the aisle without picking up any boxes on the floor. His wife should have told him to do something to a pregnant woman!!!!

Well, no matter how much Mindy earned for being kind, she deserves more than that. Because she chose to help people, she chose to be happy and that is what makes world better. :)

Cash for Kindness' at IKEA #Ellen Cash for Kindness' at IKEA #Ellen Reviewed by on February 18, 2013 Rating: 5

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